Bitcoinus becomes a partner of AZ Fundchain!

Bitcoinus becomes a partner of AZ Fundchain!

At the time Bitcoinus IEO Launchpad up and running, our team continues to make valuable partnerships providing the big list of our services, such as crypto processing, crypto conversion system, crypto banking and lots of others to different kind of blockchain companies and e-commerce businesses.

Bitcoinus team with great pleasure announces the partnership with AZ Fundchain to become a trusted provider of a range of services to this great company!

Our team will be working with AZ Fundchain to integrate multiple features in their future version upgrades of the App and introduce in theecosystem the new products using AZT in the future.

AZ Fundchain is all about banking & saving along with friends, families and your community. ROSCA funding also known as money circles are growing every day. AZ FundChain is built to solve the problems in traditional crowdfunding and money circles. The company is built on blockchain and runs completely decentralized.

AZ FundChain idea lays in an accessible, transparent and reliable money circle and crowdfunding application running completely on blockchain. AZ FundChain aims to become the trusted application for money circles that are popular but done in traditional ways while being accessible to anyone that uses a mobile application. Although ROSCA funding (money circles) is mostly done through private circles, AZ FundChain will also provide a social aspect which would allow participants to have reputation, background, and feedback that would allow the organizer of the circle to evaluate and accept regardless of that person being previously unknown to the organizer. AZ FundChain, through its crowdfunding feature, will enable small business owners to meet with household investors. The crowdfunding process will be completely transparent. Investors will be able to follow the progress with their investment. Users will be able to join money circles or invest in businesses through the AZ FundChain application using fiat or cryptocurrencies. AZ FundChain, with its user-friendly interface and transparent system, will solve trust problems involving traditional money circles and crowdfunding.

Become Bitcoinus partner and get the pack of tools for successful crypto business! Having an e-commerce platform or developing an IEO — join Bitcoinus ecosystem!

Join Bitcoinus community and enjoy all the services provided to individuals, such as multi-currency wallet where you can hold, enjoy one-click conversions and make SMART PAYMENTS to pay with crypto to any bank account in SEPA zone!

These and many more features are waiting for you on Bitcoinus!